Cloud Imperium is looking for a Publishing Sr. DevOps Engineer to do great things for Star Citizen, a record-breaking crowd-funded title that combines classic space sim gameplay with amazing visuals.

The Publishing Sr. DevOps Engineer will work in a cross-disciplinary team environment interfacing with various leads and stakeholders to make the deployment and management of Cloud Imperium’s game service efficient and durable.


  • Work closely with engineers from various disciplines to help design, implement, and maintain massively scalable and highly reliable systems
  • Serve as a point of technical escalation
  • Interface with Lead/Principal Engineers and stakeholders of different disciplines across the organization
  • Research and implement toolsets to enhance our software delivery pipelines
  • Campaign for DevOps best practices within the organization
  • Mentor junior team members
  • Share on-call responsibility with Publishing Technology team members
  • Document systems and processes
  • Other such duties and responsibilities as assigned by Cloud Imperium reasonably consistent with employee’s skills and experience


  • Established background in Software Development or System Engineering
  • Solid knowledge of GNU/Linux resources monitoring tools and /proc
  • Proficient understanding of Virtualization and Containerization concepts
  • Solid understanding of OSI model & IP networking including subnetting, routing, tunneling and load balancing
  • Good Understanding of modern Database systems internals. E.g. indexing, replication, sharding and clustering
  • Good understanding of Security principles including Encryption, IDS/IPS & common DDOS attacks anatomy
  • Good understanding of Service-oriented Architectures, Container-based deployment, Microservices and Service Mesh concepts, solutions and Design Patterns
  • Professional experience in DevOps/SRE teams supporting production environments on public clouds
  • Extensive experience authoring and integrating Software delivery pipelines and toolsets using languages like Bash, Python & Golang
  • Extensive Experience with modern provisioning, configuration management, packaging, service discovery and/or orchestration tools e.g. SaltStack, Ansible, Terraform, Packer, Etcd, Consul, etc.
  • Hands-on experience in Production environments utilizing Distributed In-memory Data Stores, Real-Time Streaming Data Pipelines, Distributed Search and/or Analytics Engine solutions, in Production e.g. Kafka, Redis, Elasticsearch, etc.
  • Operational experience managing and packaging containerized production workloads on Kubernetes using Helm
  • Maintain Team-first, Continuous Improvement, Clear Communication, Humility, Integrity, and Customer-focused mindsets
  • International travel may be required


  • Experience in Game Publishing and/or running HPC workloads
  • Code and/or feedback contribution to Open Source projects
  • Advanced understanding of TCP and UDP internals
  • Operational experience with large scale Kubernetes clusters e.g. 1000+ nodes
  • Experience implementing Kubernetes controllers/operators
  • Advanced understanding of CRI, CSI & CNI internals
  • Operational experience with Service Mesh deployments e.g. Istio & Linkerd in Production
  • Operational experience with gRPC and HTTP/2 services in production
  • Familiarity with C++, compilers and debuggers
  • AWS, GCP or CNCF recent certifications

This position is offered at our Austin Studio by Cloud Imperium Games Texas.

If you feel you have something to offer this role, even if you don’t think you qualify for all the above, you should still apply – we are an inclusive employer and if you have potential, talent, and a great work ethic, we want to hear from you.