Cloud Imperium is looking for a technical animator to assist with the technical implementation of character and vehicle animations. In close cooperation with the Design, Tech Art and Animation teams they will work on implementing data within the existing pipelines and working with the development tools to assist and expedite animation implementation and creation in both Maya, Motion builder and engine.


• Work with all relevant teams to collaboratively bring characters and vehicles to life

• Create, maintain, and support technical animation pipelines and tools to deliver cutting-edge animations

• Support multiple animation teams in developing their own pipeline requirements and ideas with a view to benefiting the team as a whole

• Implement how elements within projects will interact, build, transition, and function from concept to final implementation

• Add animations to Lumberyard and follow through with testing and implementation into the game


• Strong knowledge of Maya animation and rigging systems

• Python coding skills within Maya

• Ability to effectively understand and communicate technical animation requirements across a range of disciplines

• Self-driven, responsible, and detail-oriented

• Passion for computer games

• Team player


• Experience working with animation state machines

• Experience working with Lumberyard and Mannequin

• Working knowledge of MotionBuilder

• Experience with Perforce

• Experience with Jira & Confluence

• Experience in other scripting and programming languages (C, XML, MaxScript, MEL, Lua, Java)