Cloud Imperium is looking for a junior graphics programmer to work on a high-spec PC-only title. You’ll help us push the already great visuals even further by implementing the very latest rendering technology to deliver a truly next-generation experience. You’ll be working closely with other members of our multi-disciplinary team across multiple studios to ensure we identify and deliver the very best and most suitable solutions to bring the game universe to life.


  • Good degree in computer science/graphics/games programming and strong A-levels or equivalent
  • Very strong 3D mathematics and computer science knowledge
  • Strong C++ skills and basic knowledge of multi-threaded programming
  • Experience developing rendering directly algorithms in DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan
  • Experience creating and optimizing shaders in HLSL/GLSL
  • Passion for making and playing games
  • Motivation to continually learn and develop skills and proactive attitude to problem-solving
  • Work well in a cooperative team environment
  • High-level knowledge of popular techniques/algorithms such as those presented at GDC (PBR, Tiled Shading, Compute)


    • Experience with a large code base (e.g. Unreal/Unity)
    • Experience with multi-threaded programming
    • Experience with DirectCompute/OpenCL

    Due to visa requirements for this specific role, we can only accept applicants that are eligible to work in the EU