The Animation Programmer will work in a cooperative, cross-disciplinary team environment to implement animation features and systems in Cloud Imperium’s games. Animation Programmers work closely with animators in hooking up animations for character locomotion sets, vehicle and spaceship animation sets, and interactions between various animated characters and elements.

Covid-19 Hiring Update: We’ve transitioned to a work-from-home model and we’re continuing to interview and hire during this time. This role is expected to begin as a remote position. We understand each person’s circumstances may be unique and will work with you to explore possible interim options.


  • Expert in 3D animation and 3D math
  • Experience with 3D character and/or vehicle animation systems, including skeletal animation
  • Knowledge of skinning and morph target technology
  • Experience with using IK, blending, and motion capture data in games
  • Strong C++ programming skills
  • A passion for making and playing games
  • Works well in a cooperative team environment


    • Experience with character customization and/or wearable systems
    • Renderer development experience using DirectX and/or optionally OpenGL
    • Experience programming game features and systems, especially player-visible game features
    • Lumberyard development experience
    • Online game and/or MMO development experience, including client/server-side development of game features
    • Space combat sim development experience
    • One or more shipped products, particularly PC games
    • Strong multi-threaded programming skills

    If you feel you have something to offer this role, even if you don’t think you qualify for all the above, you should still apply – we are an inclusive employer and if you have potential, talent and a great work ethic, we want to hear from you.