Home to the record-breaking crowd funded space simulator MMO Star Citizen and the action-packed cinematic story campaign Squadron 42 with its star-studded cast, the dialogue design team have the opportunity to record amazingly talented AAA actors, manage huge amounts of assets, design innovative voice effects, and implement dialogue for both projects in a cooperative and cross-disciplinary environment!  

Our tech-savvy team maintains high quality and consistency dialogue assets, while supporting our amazing game designers and producers in creating cinematic narrative wonders for our players.  

Founded in 2012, Cloud Imperium Games creates cutting-edge videogames that defy expectations. We’re currently developing Star Citizen, a record-breaking multiplayer online space sim, and Squadron 42, cinematic single-player adventure set in the same universe. Join us as we break boundaries and make videogame history. 

For more information about life at Cloud Imperium Games, check this out - https://youtu.be/cXjp7SRBpIA

What does a Dialogue Designer at CIG do?

  • Manage dialogue requests and maintain all script related documents and their interdepartmental dependencies. 
  • Record, edit, name, and master all types of dialogue assets and metadata to a high standard while ensuring consistency is maintained over numerous sessions. 
  • Collaborate and manage all forms of dialogue implementation, runtime effects design, and dynamic in-game mixing, ensuring an engaging and immersive dialogue experience. 
  • Maintain and drive improvements in all dialogue related pipelines and workflows from pre-production to implementation and QA processes. 
  • Report to Dialogue Lead and Production regularly and update all relevant parties with issues or blockers, as well as info-share in your successes and experiences gained. 

What do we expect from our Dialogue Designers?

  • Proficiency in production sound, especially with performance capture or film where timecode is required for sync. 
  • Solid working experience with spectral dialogue editorial, such as iZotope RX Advanced or other industry equivalents. 
  • Working experience and high-level operation of DAWs, such as Pro Tools, Reaper, or other industry standards. 
  • Capability with audio middleware such as Wwise, or game engines such as Lumberyard is encouraged. 
  • Skilled with Excel for file and script management and has an eye for attention to detail. 
  • Passion for dialogue in video games or other forms of entertainment. 

CIG Diversity Statement

CIG is a global company, staunchly committed to cultivating a culture and workplace that celebrates all backgrounds, lifestyles, and perspectives. Together, we are creating a space where authentic recognition, appreciation, and understanding of the importance of diversity is fostered by everyone. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we strive to build a team that represents all walks of life, and we want every employee to bring all the things that make them unique to the work environment. The universe is as vast and varied as the people in it, and it’s our differences that make it special. 

Fraud Statement

We are aware of people receiving job offers that fraudulently allege to be from CIG. These types of fraud can be carried out through false websites, fake email addresses claiming to be from our company, or social media. We do not ask for your personal info like bank account numbers, identification numbers, etc through social media or chat-based apps, nor do we request or send money for the purchase of business equipment.

If you suspect fraud, please report it to your local authorities, as well as reaching out to us at info[@]cloudimperiumgames.com with any information you may have.