Cloud Imperium Games is seeking a Cinematics Lead to come and join our studio!

Cloud Imperium Games is a fast-paced video-gaming company on the cutting-edge of technology. We are looking for an experienced Cinematics Lead to help create engaging game-trailers, space-ship commercials, and more for our growing fanbase.

The Cinematics Lead will have a proven track record in a similar role and display a passion for creating industry-leading cinematic experiences. This role is both creative and technical and will encompass responsibility for the final look of assets, animations, VFX and lighting within our game-engine generated sequences.

The Cinematics Lead will collaborate closely with the Showrunner, Marketing Art Director and Editorial team to achieve a high-quality aesthetic for each production.

The Cinematics Lead will understand the nuances of character performance and frame them in a progressive, visually-compelling way. They will also ensure that environments feel rich and atmospheric, either through use of our incredibly-detailed library of models, or by helping to organise the creation of bespoke assets.

The Cinematics Lead will regularly collaborate across disciplines to obtain a thorough understanding of project goals and the dependencies of each department.

The Cinematics Lead will be required to learn and utilise the game-engine (alongside the team) to create stunning cinematic sequences for use in trailers and commercials.

Skills must be demonstrated via a Showreel/Portfolio, with a shot breakdown of contributions.

Job Description:

  • Deliver cinematic oversight, working with little to no supervision; taking ownership of projects and the team while being open to creative collaboration.
  • Provide project leadership and direction on assigned productions.
  • Use creative storytelling ability and innovative thinking to create industry-leading cinematic sequences.
  • Utilise strong planning, organisational, and communication skills to manage productions in partnership with project producers.
  • Collaborate with Showrunner, Marketing Art Director, and the Editorial Team to establish high-quality production values.
  • Conduct and lead regular reviews on the aesthetics of all assets produced by the Marketing Cinematics Team to ensure work product is of the highest quality.
  • Learn and be able to utilise the game-engine to develop the key aspects of a shot – for example blocking-out camera movements, character interactions as well as set-dressing and lighting scenes.
  • Provide mentorship and leadership to the Marketing Cinematics Team on visual best practices and assist with personal development.
  • Ability to thrive in an environment with ever-evolving processes and goals.

Key Requirements:

  • A proven track record in a comparable role, demonstrated with strong a showreel/portfolio. (If there are collaborative works included, please highlight your personal input).
  • Demonstrable cinematic eye; from fast-paced action sequences to beautifully constructed establishing shots.
  • A good grasp of the visual-storytelling process; taking storyboards into block-out animatics, through to final compositions.
  • A solid understanding of traditional animation principles to ensure key scene elements convey weight effectively.
  • An aptitude for lighting scenes effectively – bringing out key areas within character interactions and adding atmosphere to environments.
  • Possession of creative flair, versatility and originality.
  • Proficient with industry-standard software and technologies: 3D Software - Maya and/or 3DStudioMax. 2D Software - Photoshop, Aftereffects or similar.
  • Ability to interact, communicate, and present ideas clearly.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Professionalism regarding time and deadlines.
  • International travel may be required as part of the role.

Desirable additional skills:

  • Familiarity with game engines (Ideally Lumberyard, CryEngine).
  • An ability to visualise and display creative ideas when required. 
  • 10+ years in the animation, VFX, or games industry.
  • Excellent understanding of cinematic storytelling, pacing, and character development.
  • An extensive knowledge of traditional VFX and animation pipelines.
  • Experience working as a senior creative contributor within broadcast or film. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, both taking and giving direction.
  • Well-versed in a variety of cinematic presentation styles and an ability to adapt as needed. 
  • Excellent capacity for giving and receiving constructive professional critiques.
  • Experience with motion/performance capture.
  • Understanding of game development process and its limitations.
  • Understanding of character and animation pipelines.
  • 3D Modelling/set-dressing skills
  • Knowledge of Editing/Compositing.
  • Familiarity with the Star Citizen Universe.
  • Have an active, passionate interest in current video games to help drive the game to the next level.
  • An understanding of modern pop culture trends within the entertainment industry with an ability to successfully apply to cinematic style as needed. 

Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK.